Can geography help us avert catastrophe?

Last year, I read Danny Dorling and Carl Lee’s book "Geography" and saw Kate Tempest live in London.

Then Brexit and Trump happened.

This got me thinking and I decided to organise a Geography Festival to bring together inspiring people to highlight the importance of geography in creating a better future.

This one day festival will inspire a generation of geographers.

Opening Speakers - Where could catastrophe come from?


Wanda Wyporska

Executive Director - The Equality Trust

UK income inequality is among the highest in the developed world and evidence shows that this is bad for almost everyone. Using 'The Spirit Level' as a primer, Wanda will outline the problems associated with such high economic inequality.

Climate Change?

Sien van der Plank

Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar - University of Southampton

97% of scientific evidence suggests climate change is human induced. Sien will use her experience researching coastal flooding to illustrate the catastrophic risk associated with anthropogenic climate change.

Panel Discussion - How can geography help?

David Lambert

Professor of Geography Education - UCL Institute of Education

Carl Lee

Tutor - Working with Communities Programme - University of Sheffield

Benjamin Hennig

Associate Professor in Geography - University of Iceland

Activist Workshops - What can we do?

Live Music


Geography is about joining up the dots that help make up the big picture.
— Geography - Danny Dorling and Carl lee



Bedales School Church Road Steep, GU32 2DG

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